An interview I gave to Life Matters a science show hosted by Richard Aedy and broadcasted internationally by ABC radio. We talked about the hopes and limitations of using neuroscience and neuroimaging in public health prevention. At the end of the interview we also discuss that more than a hundred companies worldwide (claim to) do neuromarketing. If they do so it is not for the sake of neuroscience per se but because they expect to get some insight from it. Hence, if neuroscience can help improving marketing strategies, then it should be considered in public health prevention ones. Interview website here

Surprisingly, the (recorded and edited) interview triggered quite some buzz on the net after Mindhacks posted a comment depicting me as too enthusiastic and/or not careful enough about neuroscience and public policy (here). Neuromarketing expert Roger Dooley had a different perception of it and called me “neuromarketing skeptic” (here). You tell me! I just want to thank both Vaughan Bell @ Mindhacks and Roger Dooley for being nice enough to take the time to discuss this issue with me and update their blogs.
Interview streaming here MP3 file here
ABC radio’s Life Matters website here
And, for the record, the photo credit goes to the great Leith Thomas

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